Food & Agro

India is one of the largest food producers in the world blessed with over 20 agro climatic zones in its geography with majority of its population still employed in the Agriculture sector and a sizable population and business in the Food Processing Industry. India is the world’s 12th largest food exporter in 2015 with exports worth $39Bn and Food Processing sector valued at $258Bn.

India and other developing markets in the Asian continent majorly relay on agriculture and food sector as their primary bread earner, hence continuous innovations are taking place in the field of advancing the food processing and packaging technology and agriculture technology machinery in order to increase the productivity and quantum of production in the sector. However bear innovation in the production will not help in reaching out to the consumers, hence WegVoraus is committed to provide highly result oriented marketing and exhibition platforms to food producers and industrialists to reach out to consumers and markets across the world.

Moreover, in the scenario of economies and world leaders, emphasizing for attaining self-sufficiency in food production, the advancement of technology applications & modernization in agriculture sector is need of hour. Hence WegVoraus is continuously working with Agri-Technology manufacturers and exporters to reach out to farmers community across the globe through our platforms and also emphasis towards technology transfers and JVs in the sector for sustained growth.

Plastics & Packaging

Plastics packaging segment is poised to grow at a good rate with the major applications in food & beverage and FMCG. Several factors are enhancing the demand and supply of plastics used in packaging such as high growth of end-user industry, dynamically changing lifestyles, availability of feedstock, focus on manufacturing, etc.

India is a growing plastics market about 12.8 Million Metric Tonnes (MMT) of plastics consumed annually against global consumption of 285 MMT per year. The plastics and polymer consumption is growing at an average rate of 10%. About 30,000 processing units with 113,000 processing machines have created manufacturing capacity of 30 MMT per annum in India. Indian Plastic products are exported to over 150 countries round the globe and major trading partners being the European Union, USA, China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Nigeria, Indonesia, Egypt etc.

Having said India’s plastic packaging industry is in the boom with growing consumerism both in India and other countries, it is time to withstand to rising competition and marketing the innovation in plastic product and plastic processing & packaging, to reach out more and WegVoraus is committed to offer the industry most cost viable exhibition platforms.

Construction & Infrastructure

Global infra industry is estimated at around $8Tn in 2015 and is expected to reach $15Tn by 2025.Global construction equipment industry revenue is expected to touch $22.7 Bn by 2020 from USD6.5 billion in FY14.$454 Bnneed to be spent on infrastructure development in next five years in India, with major focus on roads, urban infrastructure &power sector.

Indian port sector is highly promising with port traffic expected to amount to 943.06 MT at India’s major and 815.20 MT at minor ports respectively in 2017. Moreover Indian aviation sector is expected to be world’s third largest by 2020, with demand and infrastructure requirement growing day by day.

Here WegVoraus contribute by organizing, executing and managing infra promotion business events, joint ventures, dynamic business engagements essentially based on research and stakeholder consultation. Through this we endeavor to enhance and catalyze the business growth of the focus markets.

Pharma Healthcare

Global pharma & healthcare industry touched $1Tn in 2014 and is expected to reach $1.6Tn by 2020. And Indian pharmaceutical industry has reached a mark of $30Bn in 2015 and is expected to reach US$ 55 billion by 2020.

India ranks 3rd in global pharma industry in terms of production volume (10% share) and 14th by value (1.4% share). Indiahas exported drugs & medicines worth $15.5Bn during 2014–15 to over 200 countries.

Here WegVoraus contribute by organizing, executing and managing infra promotion business events, joint ventures, dynamic business engagements essentially based on research and stakeholder consultation. Through this we endeavor to enhance and catalyze the business growth of the focus markets.

The US is the largest importer of Indian drugs. India has one of the lowest manufacturing cost in the world, approximately 35–40% lower than the cost of production in the US as installation and workforce costs are low.

WegVoraus arrange innovative market access avenues for the industry to prosper and grow internationally in order to enable the industry supplying to meet the global demand and advance through cost effective reach out.

Textile & Apparel

According to the newly released World Trade Statistical Review 2016 by the WTO, the exports of world textiles and apparel touched $291 Bn and $445 Bn respectively in 2015. China, the European Union and India remained the top three exporters of textiles in 2015 accounting for a total 66.4% of world exports.

Despite reported rising production cost, China’s market shares in world textile and apparel exports continued to rise in 2015. Declining profitability, fierce competition and changing consumer behaviour is affecting the industry to which effective marketing and strengthening activity needs to be done.

The European Union, China and the United States were the top three importers of textiles in 2015 with very high consumers’ purchasing power and size of the population, they remained the top three importers of apparel in 2015. The Indian textiles industry accounts for about 24% of the world's spindle capacity and 8% of global rotor capacity with abundant raw material availability and skilled workforce India is a sourcing hub.

However the above mentioned global issues are affecting the industry too. To withstand these we offer the industry cost effective marketing platforms and innovative competitive enhancing measures by which they are enabled to ride over the competition and remain preferred sourcing hub for the largest markets.


In 2015, global ICT industry is estimated to have touched $4Tn in 2015 where India generated revenue worth $146Bn. IT exports account for 2/3rdshare in industry’s revenue in India making India world's largest sourcing destination of IT services.

Besides export market, an increase in IT adaptiveness among Indian business houses, including MSMEs is important to develop a sustainable domestic market for the industry

Here WegVoraus introduce cost effective marketing program for the industry to potential ICT demand in India and the developing world in very pro-active manner. Through ICT based projects we endeavor to transform our focus industry to work more cost effectively and optimize it resources.


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